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16mm Microfilm

Digitize 16mm Microfilm

16mm microfilm measures about 5/8 wide (.630 wide to be more exact). It is the standard size microfilm for letter and legal size papers.  Usually a company or government agency would convert paper to microfilm using a rotary or planetary microfilming machine.  The microfilming machine contains a camera and lenses to reduce the image usually 24X. The microfilm is processed, developed and rolled onto 100 foot or 215 foot rolls.

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16mm microfilm

Our services to scan and digitize the microfilm requires we insert the roll into a microfilm scanner and set up program to scan the appropriate images.  Typically a full 16mm x 100 foot roll will contain about 2000-2000 letter size images.  A 16mm x 215 feet roll will contain 4000-4300 letter size images . 

We convert the microfilm to Adobe PDF format or Group 4 TIFF (tagged image file format).   Most conversion jobs result in 1 multi-page pdf or tiff file per fiche, although we can index the microfilm to meet your needs. .

Optional OCR, optical character recognition, and CD/DVD encryption is available  for sensitive and confidential information. 

For immediate access to your images from any where in world, we offer a secure online image repository called WebView EZ.  We are a service bureau with Federal, State and Local government experience.

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