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35mm microfilm measures about 1 3/8 wide (1.378 wide to be more exact).  It is the standard size microfilm for larger format engineering drawings and newspapers. The microfilm is processed, developed and rolled onto 100 foot rolls.  A typical roll of 35mm x 100 foot microfilm will contain about 600-700 images. 

A roll film scanner is used to scan and convert the analog microfilm to digital files. Adobe PDF and Group 4 TIFF are most common output file formats however we have the ability to output to over 40 file formats.  If the 35mm roll film contains engineering drawings, we will typically index the digital file to match the number of the drawing. Many other service options are available.

Scanning 35mm microfilm and converting to digital is a convenient way to view, manage and print the microfilmed image. As a service bureau with 30 years of experience, we have seen all types of film quality. If you can view the image in a microfiche reader, we have the ability to provide a legible digital image. Our operators take pride in their work and will rescan the film until the best possible image is provided.

If you have aperture cards we can also convert aperture cards to digital.

35mm microfilm
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