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About Us

Micrographics Equipment Services, Inc. (MESI) is a service bureau that incorporated in Illinois in 1979 with corporate headquarters in Lansing Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Initially the corporation was founded to provide contracted maintenance services for COM, Computer Output to Microfiche equipment.  As time progressed, the company expanded our services and purchased equipment and a host of spare parts to keep the equipment running.

Back in those days and even today, the equipment designed to convert computer reports to microfiche required a fair degree of maintenance.  Banks, insurance agencies, government agencies and other firms, relied on COM equipment to archive data quickly and permanently. To help keep production running, MESI field service technicians were on call 24/7 to service equipment around the Midwest.   Due to the urgency of running production, MESI’s strategy to satisfy the customers need, was to install  a back up COM at each main customer location.    When a machine breakdown did occur, production was routed to the backup COM recorder and the broken machine was repaired as soon as time permitted. This strategy kept downtime to a minimum and was viewed by customers as a valuable service. That attitude of ‘customer service first’ is still very evident today.

Today, in addition to running COM and supplying spare parts, we also duplicate fiche, scan and convert microfilm and microfiche to digital.  Document scanning conversion services are also provided in our Lansing IL headquarters.  Please visit our main web site to learn more about other scanning services we provide and the items we can scan.


Dec. 2, 2014

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