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Conversion Specs

Microfiche Conversion Specifications

 How do I specify the conversion of microfiche and microfilm to digital?

As you prepare to begin the project to scan and convert microfilm and fiche to digital, there are several options to consider.  The items below, will help you specify how you want the microfiche conversion service provider to scan your film. Feel free to contact us for more information about these services.

Number 1:  Access and Storage

The first is who will access the digital files and where will they be stored?  There are 3 basic options:

          A) View digital images on a PC; network drive or CD/DVD

          B) View digital images that have been ingested into a corporate document management system.

          C) View images stored on an online image repository

Number 2:  File Format

What digital file format is best when converting microfiche and microfilm to digital?  There are many file format options, however one of the most universal is Adobe .pdf (portable document format). PDF’s are most often used because they can be viewed by everyone in the world using the free Adobe Reader.  The PDF format is the defacto government standard and there are several unique types of PDF files to satisfy unique applications, including OCR and Archive Grade PDF files. 

Number 3:  Scanning Resolution

Do I need 200 dpi (dots per inch), 300 dpi or more?  In most cases, with modern service bureaus using high quality production scanners, 200 dpi will be adequate.  Scanning at 200 dpi is approximately 30% faster than scanning at 300 dpi, therefore the cost will be lower as will the file size. The only time we recommend 300 dpi is when OCR is required or when you need to convert old engineering drawings, filmed in poor condition. In some cases, 300 dpi and grayscale (vs. regular black and white) will be needed to convert old engineering drawings from microfilm to digital.



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