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Jacketed Microfiche Scanning Services

The word "microfiche" is based on the French word fiche, which means "index card". Microfiche is a piece of microfilm, typically 105mm wide which is cut to 148mm long or about 4" x 6".

Jacketed fiche, is a special kind of fiche that is made from 16mm wide microfilm roll film.  Where as COM microfiche is usually generated from computer generated reports, jacketed fiche is usually generated from letter or legal size papers, that were microfilmed on 16mm or 35mm film. The developed microfilm is then inserted into the 4 x 6 microfiche jackets to create the final product. 

We provide the service to scan, digitize and convert by 16mm microfilm and jacketed microfiche to digital. Most customers prefer the conversion to Adobe PDF format, although Group 4 TIFF (tagged image file format) is also very common. Most conversion jobs result in 1 multi-page pdf or tiff file per fiche.

Optional OCR, optical character recognition, and CD/DVD encryption is available.   Our encryption service is very popular for medical accounts for HIPAA, health insurance portability and accountability act, medical records or sensitive government records.

For immediate access to your images from any where in world, we can host the scanned images on a secure online image repository called WebView EZ.  WebView service is indeed easy and intuitive to use and can be set up in less than a week without using your internal IT support staff. WebView EZ is a turn-key service that is fast and convenient.  Images are delivered in PDF format for ease of use. Free demos are available upon request.



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Jacketed Microfiche

Microfilm and Microfiche Reduction

There are 2 major types of microfiche, Source and COM.

Source Microfiche
Note orientation of images compared to COM microfiche.
24X reduction source microfiche = 14 images across x 7 images down
36X reduction source microfiche = 24 images across x 12 images down
42X reduction source microfiche = 25 images across x 13 images down
48X reduction source microfiche = 28 images across x 16 images down

COM Microfiche
Note orientation of images compared to source microfiche.
24X reduction source microfiche = 9 images across x 8 images down with 62 data frames
27X reduction source microfiche = 9 images across x 10 images down with 79 data frames
42X reduction source microfiche = 14 images across x 16 images down with 207 data frames
48X reduction source microfiche = 16 images across x 18 images down with 269 data frames


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