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Microfiche Conversion to Digital Services

Scanning microfiche is another term for digitizing or converting microfiche to digital.  We use sophisticated fiche scanners with high quality CCD arrays (charge couple device) which act as a digital camera, converting the image to a digital file. Typically our services include scanning each image on each fiche and convert it into a multi-page Adobe PDF file, however there are many options depending the ultimate use of the file.

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How to specify microfiche conversion?

How to set up microfiche conversion job to scan microfiche?

Since each scanning job is unique and each customer has slightly different needs, our service includes free consulting and free samples. There is no obligation for this support. It is merely a way that we can help the customer determine which of our services will produce the best quality image at the least expensive price.

The service we provide before we are awarded your job differentiates us from our competitors.  As a service provider for over 30 years, we understand that each customer will require different levels of support. Whether you need one fiche scanned or 100,000, we will treat you the same way.  We will help you determine which options and approach are best for your project: 200 dpi, 300 dpi, grayscale, .pdf, .tif, multi-page and individual files, OCR, FTP, CD, DVD or Web output.

Trust your Microfiche and Microfilm Conversion requirements to a local and federal government service provider!  

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