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Optical Character Recognition Service

OCR, Optical Character Recognition, is a great tool to quickly find names or numbers on a page and to quickly locate misfiled information.  Our microfiche conversion services often times also include OCR.  Our OCR services begins with microfiche or paper which is scanned, converted to a TIFF (tagged image file format) and finally converted into an Adobe PDF (portable document format).  While the OCR process may not always be 100% accurate, because of handwriting, unique fonts or images of poor quality paper, the results are very impressive.

When the OCR process is complete, you may search for any name or number within the PDF file using the free Adobe Reader.  Our services also include training so each user can easily locate the necessary information.

Bookmarks can also be added to PDF files to replicate tabs used in 3-ring binders, tabs used in patient medical charts and chapters of books. Our corporate customers like this service, because after we scan the paper, the digital file, looks the same as the paper file, however it is much more handy to use.


            Adobe PDF with OCR - Optical Character Recognition

      True Story about the benefits of OCR.....once upon a time there was a Doctor, we will call Dr. Bob. Dr. Bob was a reputable surgeon with an active practice. Late in the afternoon one day, he realized that he had to appear for a deposition that afternoon and needed to review a specific EOB (Explanation of Benefit). Fortunately for Dr. Bob, 2 weeks prior, Micrographics Equipment Services, completed the job of scanning 275,655 pages of EOB’s and performed an OCR on all the .pdf files. 

      Office members recalled the patient visiting in the spring, but no one knew what year or what month the visit occurred, let along what date! The paper needed was 1 of 275,655 pages and in 1 of the 90+ boxes of paper! With little time to spare, Dr. Bob’s assistant explored the folder of digitized and OCR’d EOB’s and searched for the patients name. In less than 10 minutes, the assistant located the paper and off the Doctor went to see the lawyer went the Doctor. Note: These results ARE TYPICAL.  

    Free samples are available.        Click here for instructions using OCR’d and Bookmarked PDF files.

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