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Access to your data is most important. Microfiche is great for long term archiving, however in its analog state (on microfilm), it is not very easy to find, view or easy to provide the information to those who need it.  Digitizing the microfiche and providing the output to CD/DVD is a great value.  In some cases, when you need immediate access to the information at remote offices or users around the country or around the world, an online image repository is the best option. We can provide the service to scan your microfiche, convert it to digital and make it available via a secure, internet accessible image repository.

WebView EZ is a secure, internet accessible online image repository designed with you and your staff in mind.  All images are delivered to the customer in Adode PDF format.  The free Adobe Reader is the viewer used to view the images.  This ensures worldwide compatibility and virtually no training. The intuitive user interface of WebView EZ, and ability to roll out a program in less than 1 week, is impressive to all. User groups with levels of accessibility are easy to setup and maintain.

Give us a call or send an email for a demo of our service.

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